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Buganvillea Rental room, is ready to welcome you 365 days a year, guaranteeing you a relaxing and discrete stay in a family environment with attention to details.

We understand and respect your privacy.

We do our best to ensure a peaceful and relaxing stay so you can enjoy the most of your time with us.

Our objective is to make you feel part of the best experiences that can be found in the Riviera del Conero.

The attention to hygiene and linens is one of our corner stones of service to you.

"Così benedetta da Dio di bellezza, di varietà, di ubertà, tra questo digradare di monti che difendono, tra questo distendersi di mari che abbracciano, tra questo sorgere di colli che salutano, tra questa apertura di valli che sorridono..."

                                                                                                (Giosué Carducci 1898)